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The memory ball

Ask about our custom-designed and fully functional media/movie-player.  It's a multi-media storage device that incorporates user-friendly controls of popular handheld video/music players with the durability of  shock resistant gadgets and items designed for repetitive and rugged use. Each device is delivered with your Memory Ball Film installed and ready to enjoy. Combined with capabilities to upload and download personal content including pictures, music and other videos.

The external shell is constructed of recyclable, sustainable materials able to withstand drops and falls while preventing damage to the internal, operative components.

Connects to any computer, laptop or tablet via cables or bluetooth.

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Each Memory Ball Film is delivered to your choice of format, including DVD, Digital File and/or Streaming. Take a look at our basic Heritage Module or the classic Legacy Module that adds a suite of options to customize your film. Planning a family gathering? Check out our Ubiquity Module for complete flexibilty for any event or occasion. 

Production modules

-All inclusive packages
-Project specific customization
-Modules for any budget
-All films produced in High-Definition
-Digital Archiving 
-Family Photo Journals
-Photo/Film/Video Vault

Other services